Forbidden Love: a historical novel by Beverly Kemp



It was a forbidden love. She was born an African Princess in 1790, only to be sold into slavery. He was from a wealthy white family in New England. Even though forbidden by the church, the joining of John F. Webber and Sylvia Hector was the first nineteenth-century mixed marriage. Forbidden Love offers a new historical perspective of Texas’ founders and early Americans’ attitude toward people of color that has carried forward to this day. How John and Sylvia overcame racism and prejudice is written on the pages of the historical novel Forbidden Love.

About the author: For the last forty years Bill and Beverly Kemp (B. B. Kemp) have owned and managed a food service company in Austin, Texas. They still find time to write every day, and feel privileged to live among 1,000 olive trees on Webber’s Prairie where John F. Webber and Sylvia Hector once lived and worked the land. When they learned of the story of how these two early Tejas pioneers were banished from their homestead, Bill and Beverly felt compelled to bring the Webber’s story to life.

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