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A man playing a saxophone on stage. Painting of a hand cupped around a tiny infant. Vibrantly colored painting of geometric renderings of faces. A woman sculpting a bust out of clay. Close-up of a painting of a human eye in shades of black, red and orange. A woman performing in a play on stage. A young boy smiling at a hand puppet. An exuberant group of participants in the Actual Lives program. A young boy participating in the Arts Alive program. Painting with white and blue hair-like strokes on a background of deep turquoise.

Artists - Online Gallery - Kenneth McAlpine

For purchase information call 940-383-7643.

Radio - Radio

The idea is simple - as I swept water puddles here at Campus Square Apartments, the broom streaks looked like clusters of antennae and the puddles like an asteroid. Be Fruitful and multiply and replenish the cosmos, and subdue it, and have dominion over the creatures of the cosmos, and love upon the aliens that moveth upon the deep, and in all of the cosmos.

Drawings are 19 x 24 - $150 each
Paintings are 16 x 20 - $300 each
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