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A man playing a saxophone on stage. Painting of a hand cupped around a tiny infant. Vibrantly colored painting of geometric renderings of faces. A woman sculpting a bust out of clay. Close-up of a painting of a human eye in shades of black, red and orange. A woman performing in a play on stage. A young boy smiling at a hand puppet. An exuberant group of participants in the Actual Lives program. A young boy participating in the Arts Alive program. Painting with white and blue hair-like strokes on a background of deep turquoise. Man in a wheelchair viewing artwork in a gallery. Blind artist standing in front of his work. Group of women performing with colored scarves. Man speaking into a microphone with open captioning on a large screen behind him. Group of young students playing a musical game with the teacher.

Welcome to VSA Texas

VSA Texas is offering Inclusive Art Classes, Ages 16+

Classes held at VSA Texas Classroom 101, 3710 Cedar St., Austin, TX 78705

Fairy Garden and Nature Art
Instructor: Mary Kraemer
June 11-13 Mon - Wed
10am - 2pm

Make Flower people with flowers and plants. Hear fairy tales and stories. Learn how to make flower mandalas. Flower print on T-shirt, bring your own and also creating a fairy garden on site.

Stop Motion Animation with Tangrams
Instructor: Johnny Villarreal
June 26-28 Tues-Thurs
10am - 2pm

The Tangram is a type of puzzle made of seven geometric shapes that can be assembled in several ways to create imagery. Stop motion is a type of animation that is created by taking a series of pictures or frames of a group of physical objects. Your Tangrams will be used to illustrate your story and The Edge of Imagination Station will bring them to life!

FEE: $115 per class
Register by calling 512-454-9912 or emailing Lynn Johnson

Open Mic Nap

The Lion and Pirate Open Mic

Saturday, July 7, 2018
7:00-9:00 pm

Malvern Books
613 W. 29th Street
Austin, TX 78705

Share a story, poem, song, or other talent in a fun and supportive neighborhood bookstore. The open mic is wheelchair accessible, but please contact us at least one week in advance to request other accommodations, including ASL interpreting, audio description, etc.

For more information email Eric Clow or call 512-454-9912.

Body Shift is a mixed ability dance project

Everyone moves in unique and different ways. Body Shift offers dance classes for anyone to explore movement and the body, and creates a welcoming environment that empowers everyone to fully embrace dancing. Every Body can find enjoyment in contemporary dancing. Come experience an Elements class and learn how you, too, can move creatively in a group or by yourself. We have been doing this for over 10 years, and we are just getting started! Thank You Impact Austin for your support. Visit for more information.

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